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About Us

About Us | Pool Table 911 - Beach Haven, NJ

As a reputable expert in the billiards industry since 1991, our owner Pat O’Donnell has a passion for the mechanics of pool tables. As an owner of a billiards parlor for 13 years on Long Beach Island, NJ, he had a lot of trouble finding reliable pool table mechanics in the New Jersey area.

He contacted a well known mechanic, Al Conte from Utica, NY, to come up and recover the tables at his parlor. As he watched Al work, he began to take a real interest in what Al was doing and saw the artistry involved. Al took Pat under his wing, and after many long hours and conversations, Pat had acquired the expertise to start working on other people’s tables.

From there, the business blossomed. Pat began to sell and service pool tables from his parlor, spending more and more time working with and servicing tables. He now spends anywhere from 5 to 7 days working on tables, and as he says, “I love it!”

His love for pool tables is genuine, and with so many makes and models of tables, his work is never boring. He now owns Pool Table 911 and NJ Pool Table Sales, both divisions of Breakers Amusements, LLC.

Pat O’Donnell and his mechanics service all of New Jersey, as well as some parts of New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Whether you need a pool table set-up, recovered, or moved, Pool Table 911 is the place to call. With Pat’s slogan, “We can do the job and we are reasonably priced,” you know that you will be getting the best bang for your buck. Call us today, or stop by in Beach Haven, NJ and let us know what we can do for you!