Pool Table Recovering

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Pool Table Recovering

Pool Table Recovering | Pool Table 911 - Beach Haven, NJ

Often, after years of playing on a pool table, the cloth may become worn out and will need replacement. Pool Table 911 offers a myriad of different colors and options for your pool table recovering needs. Whether you are looking for Simonis cloth or Imperial, we can install either at your request.

We offer two types of Simonis cloth for your pool table recovering. The original Simonis cloth is a wool-nylon blend and does not pill or shed. This provides you with more consistent play, and you can go longer without having to replace this cloth. This is recommended for straight pool, eight ball, and one-pocket.

Simonis also offers a thicker cloth with a higher wool content, and thread count. This cloth is also nap-free, and provides long wear and consistent play. This cloth is recommended for all pool games, but especially for nine ball. Simonis cloth comes in all colors including powder, electric and tournament blue, blue green, dark green, spruce, grey, gold, and many more.

If you would prefer to use Imperial cloth, we offer two types of Imperial cloth as well. The Premier Series Style is for the discerning player who would prefer a traditional roll. This cloth is a 75/25 blend and has a finishing process that is second to none, providing one of the finest surfaces available. This cloth is available only for 8 foot tables.

The Leisure Series Style fabric is the best value for the quality. It contains an 80/20 blend and is the perfect weight for both commercial and family tables. It is Perma-Guard Coated and is available in 7, 8, and 9 foot lengths. Imperial cloth is available in 19 colors, so you can be sure to get the color you prefer.

Whether you know what type of cloth you would like or need some help deciding, Pool Table 911 is here for you throughout this process. Stop on in to our Beach Haven, NJ showroom or give us a call so we can help you pick the right cloth for your pool table recovering today!